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14 January, 2022


With the growth of population, most countries are facing a tremendous pressure of maintaining the demographic record of their citizens from birth to death. In developed countries, usually there is a centralized system where the data is maintained and accessible by different departments (public or private) based on their authorization level.


There are some major challenges faced in this kind of approach:


Reliance on a specific authority to create and maintain data (and synchronize with central system)

Data manipulation by hackers

Accessibility issues for a new entrant


These issues become graver for developing and under-developed countries due to lack of IT infrastructure and poor funding capabilities of the government. This makes the data susceptible to tampering by unscrupulous elements. Blockchain, with its decentralized nature, inherently solves many of these issues. Its strong cryptographic sequencing makes it very difficult for casual hackers to read the data. Also, if any data is tempered by any owner, and without consensus, the system automatically corrects the data.


Dhanu is aimed to catalog the data of a human being from birth till death in a decentralized blockchain. The chain will be capable of storing the data related to (but not limited to) health, education, employment etc. Different entities responsible for maintaining the data shall be created as nodes and consensus shall be followed for adding a new block to the chain. This will smoothen the functioning of sharing the data between different departments thereby reducing the time and cost of sharing. This will also reduce the carbon footprint related to the paperwork needed for these kinds of activities.

Dhanu token is backed by company equity.

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