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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

03 July, 2021


Come be a part of the family! Granny wants you to join her family! ❤️LP Locked 🧡50% Burn 💙anti whale HOW TO BUY 1. Create a new Wallet on MetaMask | TrustWallet $GrandmaDoge token is available on the Binance Smart Chain. PC: On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet. Mobile: Get MetaMask or TrustWallet app for iPhone or Android. 2. Send $BNB to MetaMask | TrustWallet Buy BNB through MetaMask / Trustwallet or transfer it to your wallet address from another wallet (e.g Binance). 3. Visit PancakeSwap You can buy $GrandmaDoge on PancakeSwap, the only official decentralized exchange where you can swap the $GrandmaDoge token.
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