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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

23 May, 2022


MetaXpression is an on-chain decentralized tokenomics platform and a shopping experience that empowers and rewards our community for their data. With the power of the blockchain, users can take control of their data and get paid for their day-to-day shopping with our MetaX shopping app.


Main features:


Quick & Scalable

MetaXpression provides a quick & scalable crypto-payment solution for retail merchants by tackling three significant problems, trust, reputation, and payments.


Frictionless End-User Experience

MetaXpression enables transactions at lightning speeds and at zero cost to your users. There’s no need for users to pay gas fees and no need for MetaMask popups at every action or button click.


Control Your Data & Earn Rewards

The users can keep track of their activities and control who they can share them with, all while earning rewards for their regular on-chain purchases.


Privacy & Safety

The project has built a Decentralized Trust and Reputation System (DTRS), which rates merchants and customers and allows a transparent, safe, and credible relationship between the two parties.

Now the time has come to Xpress yourself online as you normally would and profit from your data.

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