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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

22 July, 2022


With minimum exposure, WolfEye is doing really well with support. 

A very well-planned stealth. 

Solid website and Whitepaper.

Audit is arranged.

3 upcoming utilities:

WolfPlay will be released in a couple of days where the community can really play with it and see the team's abilities to create utilities that are unique and not a clear copy and paste job like some are.

WolfSwap is not just any other pancake swap fork! What is different about wolfswap is it allows project partner tokens to send the tax before the swap, the contract didn't collect tokens or sell any to get tax. NO SELL PRESSURE ON THE CHART!

WolfEye is a trading platform and front-end dex in one, with WolfSwap integrated into it. Allows users to trade their tokens, review chart, and also see interesting data on tokens & holders.

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