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19 June, 2022


Pledge Utility Coin’s (PUC) mission is to create value by being the bridge between local needs and global giving. The Global Nonprofit industry is estimated to be around $2.9 trillion and it is PUC's mission to aggregate this fragmented industry, do great good and create value for PUC holders at the same time. Some of the Use Cases of PUC are listed below:

a) To make it easier to give to those most in need The most successful inventions are the ones that solve an important social problem. If you have ever come across representatives of humanitarian nonprofit organizations crowdfunding on busy metropolitan streets to get you to commit to a pledge, you realize just how difficult it is for these organizations to rally the sort of support that they require to meet their objectives. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation becomes more dire as people seek to avoid unnecessary interpersonal communication to prevent the possibility of contracting the virus. When such conundrums arise, they create a social problem. The PUC team developed the PUC token to tackle this particular problem by making the process of donating to nonprofit organizations and foundations seamless through the use of blockchain technology 

b) To power NFT purchases PUC plans to develop a simple to use NFT creation and exchange platform where the PUC token will be used to trade NFT tokens. See the roadmap at for more information. 

c) To Support Global Giving through Micro Transaction Fees Our ultimate goal is to power global giving using the PUC’s own blockchain (which we intend to build).

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