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Binance Smart Chain



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17 July, 2022


Avion is an innovative DaaS and NFT protocol that brings benefit and value to both $AVION and Avion NFT holders through the governance of the protocol/future protocol innovations and the accumulation of tokens through our rebasing mechanisms. Avion offers a market-fixed APY of 5,000 percent for just token holders, while holders of both the Avion NFT + $AVION tokens have APYs ranging from 99,999%-399,999%. Holders of Avion NFT(s) will have their APY automatically boosted when both the NFT and tokens are held in the wallet. NFTs will also be fully tradeable on the secondary marketplace or bought back using the treasury, thus incurring a no sunk cost investment. We will implement a proprietary NFT Marketplace shortly after launch. 

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