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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

18 July, 2022


PULSENET is a dual network blockchain project that delivers on scalability and security. Innovative in its design, fast and eco-friendly. It aims to be one of the most efficient, widely-used cryptocurrencies in the DEFI space.

Our vision is simple, to create fast and effective, secure networks, free from the risk of exploitation and aiming to massively reduce scam tokens from launching or rug pulling. A public network for engineers and a private network for business, a perpetual evolution in the crypto space.

PulseNet (Pulse) is currently residing on the BSC Network and is available to buy on Pancakeswap. The PulseNet TestNet and MainNet are under development and will go live in the not-too-distant future.

Our mission is to rise strategically, to be recognized internationally, and to be supported on all the main exchanges.
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