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Binance Smart Chain



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14 July, 2022


Shiba Nitro, with a strategy different from the others, and a good dose of Nitro, offers the opportunity, from its embryonic state to those who still regret not having invested at the right time in Shiba Inu, Safemoon, Baby Doge and many other cryptocurrencies with meteoric valuation.

Shiba Nitro is a Shiba-based altcoin that offers incredible rewards to its holders. We have a high performance team and vast experience in the cryptocurrency market. Our economy is being strategically developed to enable an extremely solid, progressive, accelerated sustainability, with real potential to generate incredible results in record time.

Meet Shiba Nitro and guarantee your ticket on this rocket with a guaranteed destination, to the moon! 


🎉SHIBA NITRO - Airdrop & Pre-Sale has Started: 🎉

We are happy to announce the launch of Airdrop and Pre-Sale of our Token(SNITRO).

As part of our initial accelerated expansion strategy, in our launch phase we are offering 2.000 FREE SNITRO and an incredible Pre-Sale discount as an incentive to our HOLDERS. For a limited time.

Claim and Earn 2.000 SNITRO Tokens in Airdrop. 

Also take the opportunity to earn BNB and SNITRO directly in your wallet using our referral system.
For each referral you receive 25% of BNB and 25% of SNITRO directly in your wallet. Promote SHIBA NITRO(NITRO) and start profiting right now!

Don't waste time, the timer is already running, take the opportunity to buy SNITRO in the launch phase at the lowest possible price! ⏳

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