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06 July, 2021


FuckFake (Lucky Community Fuck Series) After LuckyPig became popular, imitation disks appeared frequently. There were hundreds of imitation disks overnight, and they are still emerging today. Lucky pioneer, slightly modified self-imitation disk, FuckFake is ready to launch Contract address: 0x5aba8b77422ac1625840f4c01145308c75634554 Prize pool: The more times you buy, the more tickets you have in the prize pool, and the greater your chance of winning BNB:(0.05 mini buy to win lottery) The red envelopes are directly exchanged for BNB and distributed to the winning users in real time. Handling fee: There is no handling fee for buying, 20% for selling, 18% is randomly distributed to a lucky person as a red envelope, and 2% is distributed to the developer team. Operation: If you are hit by a red envelope but do not meet the winning conditions, you will enter the operating account for operating use. Ask yourself, is destruction useful? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Isn't it good to send it to everyone? ? ? Destroy a dick! ! ! !
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