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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

22 July, 2022


Soundtopia is a music universe that gives its community crypto rewards for all music-related experiences.
Music lovers will have the chance to meet with their favorite artists with the revenue of Soundtopia universe.
Users equipped with headphone NFTs can listen music anywhere to earn $SOUNT and NFT rewards with listen&earn application.
There will be a swap function, marketplace and music track dashboard that allow users to onboard Soundtopia.
Soundtopia has a token and NFTs, which has different purposes on the Soundtopia ecosystem.

Features of Soundtopia Universe:

Web application: Soundtopia will be live on web for both desktop and mobile and users able to connect their soundcloud, spotify & apple music library to listen and enjoy the music while earning.
Headphone NFTs: Every headphone has different types, qualities. Users can burn tokens to level up headphones NFTs.
Music Events: Soundtopia gives community members the chance to join exclusive music events organized all around the world. Also, many different music events will be sponsored to support the music ecosystem in the world.
Listen and Earn: Users equipped with headphone NFTs can listen music and earn $SOUNT. There will be multi-layers anti-cheating mechanics to prevent exploitation.
In app Swap: Users can swap their token earnings to other forms of cryptocurrencies.
SOUNT Token: All transactions and rewards are done with the SOUNT token in Soundtopia universe.

$SOUNT is the native token of Soundtopia Universe and has the following utilities:

Listen&Earn: Users equipped with headphone NFTs can listen music anywhere to earn $SOUNT tokens.
Hold to Earn: 4% of each transaction is distributed to $SOUNT holders.
NFT Giveaway Participation: NFT Giveaways will be held every day among $SOUNT Holders.
Physical Rewards: $SOUNT holders get the chance to attend exclusive music events all over the world for free.
Burn Mechanism: Some amount of $SOUNT has to be burned to access in-app features, such as Headphone upgrades.

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