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01 August, 2022


The ORFEUS NETWORK is a decentralized self-developing tourist ecosystem. The ORFEUS network is NOT an online travel agency (OTA) where customers pay a  certain commission rate, which can range from 10% to 35%.

ORFEUS NETWORK is a Blockchain-based travel community of digital nomads around the world. As its base will serve sites in Bulgaria - Hissarya, Plovdiv, Levochevo, and Tryavna, which will gradually expand, thanks to the huge potential for creating a global community of digital nomads who want to travel to work from Europe. 

The ORF token will be aimed at globally connecting the huge audience of workers in various fields looking for destinations where they do not stop working, while communicating, having fun and earning more, etc. digital nomads. The Orpheus Network relies on the trend to displace group tourism with single tourism, in which digital nomads are the new type of tourists.

Orfeus Ecosystem will also use NFT in the TripXView game app, as well as in the form of photos and videos that network members will create, sell and share. The platforms in which the ORF token will be used allow real-time information sharing via MetMe Canal. Travel Files for virus safety and a loyalty system are available.

The business model of the ORFEUS NETWORK is based on the principle of “no charge of commissions” for reservations through the platforms of the ORFEUS network of accommodation and other tourist services.

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