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24 May, 2021


$DKUMA is a deflationary  governance and utility token for the Kuma DEX Ecosystem. Holding $DKUMA will grant you access to many products that Kuma is bringing to the DeFi ecosystem! You can earn $DKUMA by staking popular meme tokens on the Kuma Breeder, a yield farming dAPP, or purchased on Uniswap. You will be able to stake $DKUMA in the Kuma DEX staking pool to earn $USDC for every trading fee that opens and close. It's also the primary voting token for the Kuma DEX DAO. Since KumaDEX is the biggest product coming to the Kuma Inu ecosystem, it will have its own DAO system. 

KumaDex is a decentralized, vAMM based perpetual contract trading protocol for leverage traders with infinite on-chain liquidity. Unlike traditional AMMs, users can trade perpetual futures contracts utilizing the Constant Product Market Maker formula with up to 25x long or short leverage. Funding rate mechanism is in place to ensure vAMM market asset price converges with the underlying asset index price.

Kuma empowers its community with utility tokens that gives them a wide variety of benefits in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Kuma’s offerings include a DEX, governance rights, farming and vaults. These features ensure that the platform benefits all community members. 

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1 year before ago

Yes to make a LIFE changing loop you want to buy $KUMA and stake it to Breeder, so you get $DKUMA which will have a high demand & value because of #KumaDEX. When you stake $DKUMA to DEX you will get $USDC as reward. Infiniti loop. Money printing machine🔄 @OfficialKumaInu = Twitter

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