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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

08 July, 2022


Welcome to YUMI, a community of people striving for financial well-being, where people are the main driver. Earning and developing with us, be confident in the reliability of your investments.

The YUMI token

Deflationary currency

The YUMI token is our environment, it was built on a blockchain “The Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)”with a smart code, deflation and a burning mechanism that make it safe for investments and profitable to store.

1% of the amount of all transactions is withdrawn from circulation, which mean that the number of our tokens will decrease, and the value of your YUMI will increase over time. We are also going to burn some of the coins by hand to add even more value to YUMI.

Our Inspiration

Our main inspiration is a creation of a single financial decentralized ecosystem, and we are also excited about the idea of   GameFi.

Our Mission

Although digital currencies have been around for over a decade, we are still now in the early stages of the monetary revolution which is reorganizing our society, redistributing wealth, and giving everyone a chance to gain financial freedom.

We strongly know and believe that we are going to have a great financial future ahead of us which will open up to us the world of decentralized finance. But in order for a global decentralized financial system to become a reality, we will need to go through all the barriers of awareness and acceptance of the new financial system. This is where YUMI comes to the rescue, providing all the tools that will enable people to find financial well-being.

Our Purpose

One of our ambitious goals is to create a game in the genre of moba GameFi, and we will do it for sure. We are having currently a talk with the major developers in this area about creation of the Game. But our first product will be the DEX aggregator which will bring together several DEX exchanges in different networks. NFT Market, Farm and other unique products that nobody has at the moment, we will also make them. We will inform you about announcements and release dates of new products.

Every purchase and sale is subject to a tax of 1%.

This tax goes to the YUMI Treasury, which is used to develop the YUMI project, partner relationships, improve the world through philanthropic initiatives and raise awareness of YUMI while ensuring that our products are implemented when they are released.


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