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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

08 July, 2022


Kitsune Girl (KGirl)

Kitsune Girl is the latest and most bullish token in the crypto space to date. Built with growth in mind Kitsune has been created with a solid, long-term, moon trajectory in mind.

Starting wit excellent branding, Kitsune is the latest and most viral meme to spread in the anime space. Kitsune Girl represents the first proper foray for the Kitsune meme into the crypto space.

However, the team does not plan on resting on its laurels, as well as being infinitely memeable, the team behind Kitsune Coin has a bullish roadmap firmly set in place.

The goal with Kitsune Coin, is to create a legitimate ecosystem, including lottery DApps, NFT’s and PTE Games.

The biggest names in crypto have already started rallying around Kitsuneo Girl, you should too.

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