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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

07 July, 2022



­čö╣Welcome to the new Compile and Nicholas launch and project.

­čĽ╣Game Rewards 

­čöĺLiquidity Locked

­čôâOwnership Renounced

­čö╣We are really happy to present this new project to reward our supporters as always

­čö░Token Symbol: GAMETRON


­čö╣We have decided to dedicate this launch to all BSC gamers.

­čö╣We have offered various prizes related to the world of gameing  to all holders of a max wallet. We thought of gift cards to spend on STEAM, on the playstation and on the xbox store.

­čö╣To avoid too long shipping times and waste time by physically sending these Gift Cards we will simply send the code to be entered on the appropriate platform



­čĽ╣Initial Lp 3 BNB

­čĽ╣Tax  buy 8% / sell 8%

­čĽ╣Liquidity Pool 4%

­čĽ╣Marketing 4%

­čĽ╣Max Wallet 3%

­čö╣We have a lot planned for marketing and for spread the word! Support us as you can, any kind of support is essential together with our work for the project  and for its success

­čö╣Marketing includes not only calls but also posts on twitter and on reddit, listing on the main sites and more!

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