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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

30 April, 2022


he best deflationary token in the world!!!
The Monkey Coin Swap protocol is community token based.
In the form of release only designed without private or pre-sale
Monkey Coin Swap is much better than other deflationary tokens
because your team is determined to put 100% its capacity on top of the token,
In this public project by the community and with CEO
always open to constructive suggestions and criticisms.
Our goal is very soon our MKC trademark registration.
We will have an exclusive collection of NFTs, then we will create a marketplace for the
sale of t-shirts and blouses among other exclusive accessories for
sale of our own clothing.
For example you buy the NFT and if you buy a blouse,
T-shirt with the figure of NFT you can buy very easily on our platform.
In the near future the opening of our own CNPJ
fabric making and printing so that Monkey Coin Swap
need third parties. we will open the first clothing store to accept our
Crypto Currency MKC, and part of the store’s profits will go back to the
graphic benefiting our Holdres and also inserting the Brazilian in the decentralized market.
Our objective is not to provide short-term profits to holders,
but a reliable long asset for term investors,
Because we are a token with principles and already audited by Autenk with 100% success.

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