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Launch Date

22 June, 2022


An ambitious project that aims to unleash the power of Metaverse
Japan to the world in the Web 3.0 era. A new dynamic and advanced
metasociety in which individuals and communities can play an active
role in a diverse ecosystem within Metaverse City Tokyo from Retail,
Business Services, E-sports, Virtual Real Estates, Anime Game and
Movie Studio, Manga, Web 3.0 Apps, NFT Marketplace and a MetaUniversity

The main goal of $TOKYO is to tap into the immense potential of the
popularity of Japan’s business, anime, and pop culture worldwide, converting these assets
into the Metaverse to attract its already large fan base of followers and fans. The project
thus intends to develop a cryptocurrency that would be both accessible and affordable for
the vast majority of decentralized market participants.

Our vision is to create eight products which will form a fully rounded commerce and
entertainment hub for crypto enthusiasts within Japan’s metaverse space. We will deliver
the highest quality platforms on the market which will require an adequate amount of
funding. This is why we have set milestones for our token sale. Every milestone will allow
us to develop a further layer of the project. The order of the platforms is entirely based
on the funding each will require. From across the globe, Metaverse City Tokyo
(MetaTokyo) 8-Pillar ecosystem will bring the avant-garde of Metaverse crypto technology
to your hands:

 MetaMaid Cafe Tokyo Club
 MetaTokyo NFT Anime Game & Movie Studio
 MetaTokyo NFT Marketplace & DeFi Exchange
 MetaTokyo Virtual Real Estates
 The Tokyo Bitgert Strip (Virtual Shops, Retail & Auction Hub)
 MetaTokyo E-Sports Live Betting
 NFT Casino & Entertainment Hub
 MetaTokyo University

These products are only the beginning of a new era for blockchain. Metaverse City Tokyo
ecosystem is a powerful Metaverse platform that is not only designed for the current or
future demand, it’s so much more - simply put $TOKYO is the future. Become a part now
of the Tokyo Coin community. Unlike other ecosystems, Tokyo Coin will have a very selective
and special group of users. $TOKYO cryptocurrency is a dedicated native token utility for
avid fans of Japanese pop culture, Anime, manga, music and J-Pop. It is also a portal for
entrepreneurs and investors who want to engage the new era of Japan`s metaverse Web
3.0 seeking for business, social connection, business network and opportunities.

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