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Binance Smart Chain



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03 July, 2022


What is Sabito Inu?

Why say Sabito Inu will be a trend-leading animation project on the Binance Smart Chain?

Because we have solved the biggest problem of the animation encryption project! The biggest problem with crypto projects is that there is no continuous transaction volume Cause the project to fail we use the most advanced mechanism This mechanism will allow tokens to rise over time. How to do it?

Develop tokens : In order to maintain the follow-up traders of the project, so that developers can continue to develop NFT、 P2E games and more follow-up marketing. In terms of mechanism, most of the purchase tax will be returned to the liquidity pool for repurchase, and a certain percentage will also be used for manual repurchase to ensure the continued rise of tokens.

Develop community : In order to maintain the continuous exposure of the project, we will invest heavily in various new tokens. We will choose to invest based on community recommendations and votes: -Meme coins -Large mid-market altcoins -High-return game coins -NFTs

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