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26 December, 2021



LinkBridge is a Mexico-based registered company offering an ecosystem aiming at connecting start-ups with investors and professionals. 


The LinkBridge Ethereum blockchain-based token, LNKB, was created for different purposes aiming at strengthening and facilitating business transactions happening between the three main stakeholders: start-ups, investors, and freelancers.


By using LNKB, these parties would be able have access to services available through the LinkBridge platform and App, like getting listed for crowdfunding purposes, investing in start-ups and do freelance work. Also, start-ups would be able to pay freelancers working for them in LNKB as an option and freelancers would be able to appear on top of a freelancer leaderboard based on the number of LNKB they earn and accumulate.


In the future, LNKB would be used as collateral for loans offered to start-ups since LinkBridge is in an alliance with Booster Capital, a SOFOM ENR (Sociedad Financiera de Objeto Múltiple) in Mexico - a special type of Mexican financial entity which can grant loans.


By understanding the needs of the cryptocurrency community, start-ups, the average person, investors, and freelancers, LinkBridge paves a way for all its users for plenty of opportunities and achieving success, leading the community to economic development and financial independence and security.

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